Periwinkle Press

Welcome to Periwinkle Press, a division of WorldScout. Periwinkle is a publishing company based in Hollywood, CA.  Although we look for unique literary works from all genres we also specialize in books by, for and about talented people.

For example, we’re very proud to announce the release of Black Daisy in a White Limousine: 77 Poems, a  book of poetry by Yashi Brown. Yashi is a poetess and singer/songwriter born into the legendary Jackson family. Her highly anticipated collection of poems from the heart is available now. Learn more about Yashi Brown and her book at

Buy Now (PDF)  Price $9.99       Click for Kindle Version


Periwnkle Press is also proud to announce the soon-to-be released book,  It’s Makeup, Not Rocket Science!  by top industry makeup artist, Jessica Williams.P


Coming Soon!


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